"Donnacha Dennehy has a soundworld all of his own." (The Wire)

"From the exhilarating score, lyrical singing, and dazzingly intricate design, this is a work that needs to be seen more than once in order to absorb the rich detail.  Like its recurring filmed image of a murmuration of starlings, it soars". ***** The Guardian on The Second Violinist, 2017.

"The Last Hotel unleashes a thrilling musical energy.  Dennehy's 12-piece ensemble includes accordion, electric guitar and heavy percussion, and thrums with a savage, unstoppable groove, shouting the unspeakable, seething with emotions that characters are too numb to express." (Kate Molleson, The Guardian, 2015)

"Softly evocative at times, it expands to a deafening roar at a climax of fiery death.  Lock me anywhere with that piece, any time." (David Allen on Gra Agus Bas, The New York Times, 2014)

"Then a trapdoor opens.  The Dowlandesque dissonances thicken further into dense, microtonal chords, creating from the uncanny pure tone of the viol consort vivid, intense new colors: harmonies suggest at once the iridescence and the taste of an old copper pot, or both the rainbow halation of a streetlamp on a misty night and the buzz of its sodium bulb.  The effect was hypnotic, and the piece, a single 38-minute movement, could have gone on forever and felt like a moment." (Daniel Stephen Johnson on Tessellatum, Musical America, 2016)

"A wonder to hear." (Paul Griffiths)

Publisher: G. Schirmer/ Music Sales 

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